From batteries for boats and jet skis, to batteries for cars and quad bikes, SABAT Batteries has positioned itself as the lifestyle battery of choice. Acknowledged as a reliable, quality product that offers value for money, SABAT is a hard-working brand in terms of its ability to meet the needs of a diverse market.

There is goodwill for SABAT Batteries that extends into all areas of South African life as the heritage of the brand grew out of its historically massive distribution network. As a consequence, SABAT Batteries remains one of the best known and loyally supported automotive component brands.

Many of the newer vehicle applications demand a lot from a battery and the SABAT range provides an answer to these demands, boasting cutting edge battery and manufacturing technologies.

25 month warranty

  • Premium Quality:ย Willard Batteries are known for their premium quality, making them a trusted brand in South Africa. They are rated highly among consumers for their reliability and performance.


  • Extensive Range:ย Willard Batteries provide a wide range of automotive car batteries, catering to various vehicle types and applications, ensuring that customers can find the right battery for their needs.


  • Guarantee:ย Willard Batteries come with a 25-month guarantee, which demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability and performance of their products.

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