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Already established as the premiere expedition vehicle outfitter in Africa, Europe, USA and Australia, Front Runner is a 13 year old South African based company founded by a team of engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road drivers.

There isn’t a country in Africa we haven’t navigated through or camped in. Our combined years of experience in the bush – dreaming up, designing, building, and testing innovative products – is the reason Front Runner has quickly grown to become one of the top 4×4 accessory companies in all of Africa.

Tents & Awnings

The Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent is a hard-shell tent that fits onto any vehicle or SUV. The tent is manufactured from the best quality extruded aluminium and no bolts or pop-rivets are used in the structure which means no potential leaks. We found that by welding the aluminium parts together the life of the tent is prolonged. Because we are using extrusions, we do not use hinges as we designed the extrusions in a matter where the two extrusions fit snuggly into each other and swivel within one another, which means that the weight of the top is distributed evenly across the width of the tent. The tent itself is manufactured by the best quality canvas.

Roof Top Tent

The Ironman 4×4 Roof Top Tent provides the ultimate in ease and convenience when traveling. Unfolding in minutes, a rooftop tent provides sleeping quarters off the ground, protected from the elements.

Spacious and comfortable, all bedding can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital storage space in the vehicle, and allowing the tent to be quickly and easily packed away.


Whether you are just stopping on the side of the road for lunch or setting up camp for a week, the Ironman Instant Awning will provide you with much-needed shade from the sun.

Ironman 4×4’s Instant Ensuite is ideal for camping or suited to campers and caravans providing shower, toilet or change room privacy while on the road.

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