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At Artav Stainless Steel, we not only believe in creating quality automotive accessories, but ensure that every detail within the production process is carefully looked at to ensure that each product meets our standards of excellence and quality levels.

We supply quality accessories for various vehicle types:

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Continental produces a range of passenger tyres that bring safety to the streets without compromising on driving comfort and pleasure. This includes their selection of PremiumContactโ„ข, SportContactโ„ข and EcoContactโ„ข passenger tyres.

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Direct Auto Namibia

Shops & Fitment Centres


+264 (0)65 238 428
Oshakati Main Road


+264 (0)67 302 990
11 Saint Georges Street


+264 (0)81 804 5534

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+264 (0)65 241 733
Omwandi Shopping Centre


+264 (0)81 804 5534
Independence Avenue